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Building Muscle With Resistance Bands Series: Pulse/High Volume

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We just finished the 6 minute Muscle Series and everyone is echoing the same thing: That program was INSANE and packed on quality muscle.

Let's keep the muscle building train moving! This week starting June 8th, 2020, we started a program called "Pulse/High Volume". It combines 3 of our most effective routines:

  1. Pulse Then Crank - You start every set with pulses for a certain amount of time then you crank out 1/1 reps.

  2. High Volume - You complete a super high number of reps for every set. In this case the number is 30 reps.

  3. EMOM - You must complete your target number of reps within 1 minute. Any time left over can be used for rest before the next set.

Studies have proven that you can build muscle with high reps! This is especially true with Resistance Bands, since they provide progressive resistance (Every rep gets harder through the range of motion)

The Program Specifics

Muscle Group Split:

Day 1 - Chest & Back

Day 2 - Legs & Shoulders

Day 3 - Triceps & Biceps


There are 3 segments. Each segment is 6 to 7 minutes. In each minute you will have to do a 15 second pulse and then 30 reps. The goal is to complete the 30 reps. If you can accomplish this in one set, great!! However, you can also break the reps into smaller sets (the more likely scenario) if needed.


For each set you will start with a 15 second pulse. A pulse is like a static hold, however, you add tiny 1/4 reps. This makes the static hold considerably more nasty.

The Theory/Strategy

This program leverages the benefits of Time Under Tension, followed by high reps/volume. The pulse at the beginning should pre-exhaust your muscles with constant time under tension. Once they are pre-exausted they will be forced to work HARDER to complete the target number of reps. There are two ways to accomplish high volume (more work on the muscle). You can do slower reps or increase the number of reps. In this program we increased the number of reps.

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The program:

Day 1:

Warm Up: Rotator Cuff


Resisted Pushups

Reverse Grip Lat


One Arm Back Row

Chest Press


Wide Fly Pushups

Deadlift/Back Extension/Supermans - No Pulse

6 Cycle Abs

Cool Down


Day 2:

Warm Up: Reverse Fly and Repel Squats



Front Raise


20 Lunges

Anchor Lateral Raise


Lying Hamstrings Curls


6 Cycle Calves & Abs

Cool Down


Day 3: 3x

Standing Biceps Curls

Standing Triceps Extensions


One Arm Preacher Curl

Crossbody Triceps Extensions


Arms Up Biceps

Forward Triceps Extensions

6 Cycle Abs

Cool Down

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